2017 Caching in the NorthWest Geocaching Bracket!

It’s here!  The 2017 Caching in the NorthWest Geocaching Bracket!

And the overall winer is:  GCGV0P Original Stash TributePlaque!

This bracket is very much like that other team sports thing.

There are 4 divisions of 16 highly favorited geocaches; British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Your voting is the key to this game.  Place your vote for the geocache you have found.  If you have found both caches, vote for the one you found first.

If you have not found either of the cache, feel free to vote for the cache you would like to find.

There are 6 rounds of voting.  This is going to happen fast! Each round corresponds to a round of basketball games.

First Round: March 16-17 (Finished)
Second Round: March 18-19 (Finished)
Sweet 16: March 23-24 (Finished)
Elite 8: March 25-27 (Finished)
Final Four: April 1 (Finished)
Championship: April 3 (Finished)

Download your updated bracket here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G8OVqqJEpOCyNHyN5qmDW5OZ3jUkgDXe0MIrzKMBv14/edit?usp=sharing

Click the Final Four in the middle of the sheet to begin the voting process.  There is a bookmark list of all the caches in the Northwest in the description.  Select one of the two geocaches in the pairing.  Once you have finished, click submit and you can see how others have voted.

Good luck and may the best cache win!