One thought on “Caching in the NorthWest 237: Winter Games and Geocaching”

  1. Winter Caching Games….GC7E12X. This year it was 3 months long. Last year it was 2 months. This is the 10th edition. The last two years were hosted and organized by SmokinDeni. In fact these were copied by cachers in Texas, modified for their climate. It’s a lot of reading to start, but then cachers can plan a strategy. It can be a lot of fun at -30C plus wind chill. We now have stories and bragging rights. This is certainly where the winter attributes come in handy!

    Kick back for a bit of a read for this cache page, and you’ll see how we have fun winter caching in SK ☺

    Enjoy! Connie….aka PrairiePedals

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