Welcome to Caching in the NorthWest! This is THE podcast from the birthplace of geocaching, right here in the great Pacific NorthWest. Every Thursday at 9PM Pacific we will talk about geocaches and geocachers from here and around the globe.  So, sit back and click away on Caching in the NorthWest.

Call us with your feedback at (253) 693-TFTC.

572: Caching New Mexico w/CRS98 Caching In The NorthWest

Welcome to Caching in the NorthWest! This is THE podcast from the birthplace of geocaching, right here in the great Pacific NorthWest.  It’s Thursday at 9PM Pacific and we are going to talk about geocaches and geocachers from here and around the globe. So while you're shopping air conditioners on Prime Day, we’ll be Caching in the NorthWest. We want you to call in your Geocache Log of the Week! Send an email to feedback@CachingNW.com, call into 253-693-TFTC. Call us with your feedback at (253) 693-TFTC Or visit the website at https://CachingNW.com
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13 thoughts on “Home”

  1. This new site ROCKS! Caching in the Northwest is the world’s best geocaching podcast; I especially like the handsome Canadian host – he’s awesome, eh?

  2. Is there a new RSS feed for the podcast? I want to get these episodes in the Podcasts app for my iPhone

    1. I have the same problem. I used to be able to download the podcasts on my iPhone app but now I can only get them on Stitcher and I don’t like Stitcher.

  3. Hi ,
    I am a long-time geocacher (The Rat) and author of the Cliff Knowles Mysteries. I was wondering if you are still doing your podcast from time to time. If so, would you be interested in featuring a segment about my books? The latest is Death Row, the third and probably the final geocaching-themed of the mysteries (although you never know). The book is the fourth overall in the series. The first takes place before geocaching existed, but books 2 through 4 (Cached Out, Fatal Dose, Death Row) all feature retired FBI agent Cliff Knowles as a geocacher. The books are very popular with geocachers. I would be happy to do an interview by email, phone, or skype for your podcast. I have been featured on podcacher.com in the past.

    The books are set in the San Francisco Bay Area. The most recent one takes place largely in the Clear Lake area. Northern California may or may not fit your definition of the Pacific Northwest, but it’s at least close. I’ve gone geocaching several times in the Seattle area where my son lives, but I can’t claim to be regular up there, or a regular listener, but I think my books would appeal to your listeners, and I know podcasts are always looking for interesting content. I have provided the link to my website. Thanks for the consideration.

    Russ Atkinson

  4. What are some of the unique aspects to geocaching in the NW and Canada? For example are there times of the year when geocaching is impossible? Do you have to take special consideration to the weather when placing caches?

    1. BananaSource it depends where in Canada you live. Here on the West Coast we get amazing weather for geocaching all year long. Some months require rubber boots and rain gear, possibly a boat due to the rain forest climate we live in but that doesn’t slow any of us down 🙂

  5. I attempted to email in my GLOW but didn’t listen / couldn’t hear accurately.

    Guys! This is absolutely hilarious to read as the CO of this particular geocache … the following is GLOW worthy. GC7ZHVK Closing Time

    From Team_Jesus4Life: Cache has been muggled. After searching for a while, a hobo came up from His “hole” and asked what I was looking for. I explained what geocaching was and that there was one in the area. He then showed me exactly what I was looking for. He said “it was on my property”. I didn’t know what else to do bit to log it and move on. Hopefully he replaces it but I don’t know.

  6. I lstened to #509: Eastern Washington a few weeks ago. It is significant to me because I live in Canada directly north of Spokane. Someone mentioned Gardner Cave, so I had to look it up and make plans. Last Sunday my buddy Jat Mune and my hubby and I went to explore the cave and we were not disappointed! Not only did we have a wonderful friendly knowledgeable tour guide (The Plant Lady) but we went on the little hike up to the Canadian border that is just past the cave. Why is there no cache there, we asked? No fear, there is one now!
    The road from Metaline Falls to Crawford State Park has an excellent series of caches with NO micros and lots of well maintained regulars.
    I saw that Seattle lights had just made two new accessable overlooks on the East side of the Couer D’alene river, so I put out new caches to entice people to check them out.
    All thanks to inspiration from your show. Thank you!
    Fear the tubas

  7. Yo I Was climbing gold mountain in kitsap county (the kitsap county high point) earlier today and I found your guys’ advertisement in the cache box. Im extremely surprised that yall are still active I remember bantering with my friend that this website probably hasn’t been online since 2013 but here we are so

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The only podcast from the birthplace of geocaching in the great Pacific NorthWest. Every week we will talk about caches and cachers from here and around the globe.