Caching in the NorthWest 149: Taste of the Valley

Mount Vernon Parks 2016 Geocoin Challenge 

Caching in the NorthWest Meet and Greet 
1:00pm at the Front Gallery


Gold Country Events:

Day 1 “Time To Explore” – Let The Fun Begin 

Day 2 Gold Country Geotour “Time to Explore” 

Day 3 Gold Country Geotour “Time to Explore” 

Day 4 Gold Country Geotour “Time to Explore” 


We want to hear about your favorite geocaching logs. We are calling this, GLOW, or the geocaching log of the week.

Send an email to, call into 253-693-TFTC, or use the voicemail tool on the website and show us how you GLOW!

Call us with your feedback at (253) 693-TFTC
Or visit the website at

It’s time to go Caching in the NorthWest!

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