Caching in the NorthWest 183: Plan Your #GeocacheRoadTrip

Blanchard State Forest

Driving routes from HelloBC

Free days at Washington State Parks

March 19 ? State Park’s 104th birthday

April 15  ? Spring day

April 22 ? Earth Day

June 3 ? National Trails Day

June 10 ? National Get Outdoors Day

Aug. 25 ? National Park Service 101st Birthday

Sept. 30 ? National Public Lands Day

Nov. 11 ? Veterans Day

Nov. 24 ? Autumn day

We want to hear about your favorite geocaching logs. We are calling this, GLOW, or the geocaching log of the week.

Send an email to, call into 253-693-TFTC, or use the voicemail tool on the website and show us how you GLOW!

Call us with your feedback at (253) 693-TFTC
Or visit the website at

It’s time to go Caching in the NorthWest!

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