Caching in the NorthWest 126: A Geocaching Christmas Carol

A very special Christmas gift for you!

From your hosts at Caching in the NorthWest.

Let us know your favorite Northwest cache!

Simply tell us:
Your Geocaching name,
The GC number,
The name of the cache,
Why you liked it.

Send that to

Call us with your feedback at (253) 693-TFTC
Or visit the website at

It’s time to go Caching in the NorthWest!

One thought on “Caching in the NorthWest 126: A Geocaching Christmas Carol”

  1. A most excellent story. Hope you too have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all the caches you search for be at GZ, safe, secure and with dry log sheets with plenty of room for finders.

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